Powder colour change possible in less than 5 minutes!

    SuperCube and SuperTech incorporate new design innovations that use minimum floor space and improve the production process. Because both these booth systems are modular in design, booth layouts can be customized to meet your specific space and production needs. The result is greater production capacity in a smaller area, and a distinctly higher return on investment.

    • Patented CleanSweep keeps the floor clean and blows the powder into the extraction slots.
    • The floors of the booth can be walked on,facilitating cleaning and maintenance.
    • Excellent illumination inside the booth and at the manual coating stations.
    • Extraction of over spray on both sides throughout the length of the booth. This creates a uniform air flow.
    • High transfer efficiency due to low booth floor and vertical airflow.
    • No powder deposits due to optimization of the air flows in the extraction channels (twister effect).

    The modular concept for a complete system.

    PrimaCube is the new member in the WAGNER family of quick color change plastic powder booth. PVC sandwich construction, compact design, variable build-up, perfect powder cloud by optimized airstream for high coating efficiency and direct access to the work piece for the manual operator are features being implemented also in this booth type.

    By performing consistent standardizing, WAGNER can offer a complete system, which assures not only in it´s technical performance but also in price.

    At the same time, only high class components have been integrated which are mostly influencing the coating results and are also used in the most modern powder coating systems.

    WAGNER PrimaCube PVC booths:

    • Modular PVC sandwich construction.
    • Booth length only 2,5 m plus manual platforms.
    • Max. workpiece dimension h=1800 mm w= 800 mm.
    • Twin channel suction.
    • Flat booth floor with blow-off device.
    • 3 gun slots per side.

    WAGNER PrimaCenter Integral:

    • Central system control with 4″ Touch screen.
    • Compact design to fit into limited work space.
    • Powder supply from a fluidized powder container.
    • Supply of up to 12 guns.
    • Blow out units for color change.
    • Easy operation.

    Powder colour change possible in less than 5 minutes!

    Whether fully automatic powder coating, or combined with pre- and/or after coating, SuperCube provides all the options. The optimal physics of the plastic sandwich construction ensures minimal powder adhesion to the walls and supports the best powder application onto the work piece.

    The ideal structural shape for powder coating.

    Compact, with no supporting frames and no pit excavation. Rectangular booth shape – also suited for horizontal gun arrangement. No powder deposits on the floor – super fast booth cleaning. Economical use of material. SuperCube combines all of these benefits.